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Since launching in 2005 Keller Williams Premier Partners quickly became
the #1 real estate brokerage for the Clark County community and much of SW Washington.

Disclaimer: The charts below are based on a report from the RMLS called Market Share (Office). This report is available only to the Owners and Designated Brokers of the individual companies. The general broker in an office does not have access to pull this data. As you can imagine after reviewing the charts many companies would not want this data shared with the general community or with the agents that work with them. It would be unethical for us to post this data with other company names on it so we have simply replaced the names of the companies with the generic "# Company". The same 10 companies are used on every chart. The reports from the RMLS always includes this disclaimer so we will use it here also (c) RMLS 2017. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. - INFORMATION NOT GUARANTEED AND SHOULD BE VERIFIED. We are not looking to brag or say that we are all about our sales numbers. What we are trying to let you know is that the Clark County community has clearly communicated through the shear volume of business they conduct through our associates and office, that Keller Williams Premier Partners is the #1 choice to use when selecting a real estate company to partner with when it comes to your real estate needs.

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The data on this page is generated from a Google Sheet where the data is input and the charts are generated and updated here.
The current date range this report is showing is

Each graph below is clickable and will open in a new tab/window. The chart will be more interactive, in that you can mouse over the parts of the graph to see the numbers more clearly.

Important terms to read and understand the charts.


Every transaction has two sides, a seller side and a buyer side. You can imagine that each side (unit) represents a member of the local community. Since typically one agent represents one side of the transaction, we count both sides of a single house sale as one unit for that agent or company.


The sale price of the home is its volume. When you add up all the volume an individual or company has sold, you get your total volume.

Market Share

When we add up all the units or volume of all the companies, we can divide the number of units or volume by that total of any one company and calculate the percent of the business done by that company. There are hundreds of real estate companies in Clark County but the majority of the business is done by the top 10 companies. This report we are looking at does not show or report the companies that have done zero units or volume during the date range pulled. These reports are only showing what we call "Active" since they have done at least one transaction during the date range. We have added a couple of extra metrics to these charts in order to give you some perspective visually. We've added 3 groups of companies to these charts beyond the Top 10 on every other chart.

These are very general descriptions of who we are talking about when explaining the charts.

Company or Brokerage

We use the word Company here to simplify the term, but technically they are a brokerage and the brokerage may have several locations that make up the whole. The brokerage supervises the Brokers that work under them. Typically a brokerage provides advice, oversight, training/education, mentoring, branding, technology, models, and systems to help the broker build a business of their own under the umbrella of the Brokerage they have chosen. There are several different models and Keller Williams continues to be at the forefront of the industry, not only locally here in Clark County but also nationally across the US and now internationally around the world.


Typically or historically called agents by most people, these are the independent contractors that work for/under the brokerage. They basically represent the client looking to buy or sell a home on behalf of the brokerage. Typically a broker is responsible for finding their own clients to work with and pay a portion of the commissions on each sale to the Brokerage they work for.

Total Volume Sold

The volume of the homes sold in our local community can be a huge indicator of the health of our local market. When real estate agents and companies talk about the volume that they sell, it shouldn't be about bragging, although there is a certain amount of pride that comes along with being part of potentially millions of dollars in local commerce. At some level it is an indicator of the trust in the agent's advice and guidance as they help clients interpret the current market conditions. That may include so many different variables including price range, location, condition, comparable homes (Active potential competition, Pending indicators of the current market, Sold what has happened in the recent past) to name just a few. It's a big job to sit with clients and learn about dreams, goals, and financial hardships. Then educating them and then helping to lead them through to deciding to wait or move forward on selling or buying. Nobody has a crystal ball, so keeping a current pulse on the market and being an expert in the local community is a must to earn the trust of the people that choose to use you.

Clark County Total Volume Sold


Market Share by Total Volume Sold

Market share really tells a story different story than just looking at the top 10. You can really start to see how quickly the percent changes after the top 5 and then again after the top 10.

Clark County Market Share by Total Volume Sold


Total Units Sold

Units are a totally different than volume. These are really the number of people that you help. Each person is buying or selling at different price points, which may impact your overall volume and if you combine the two, work out to calculate your average sales price. If the busiest price range in Clark County was $200,000 to $350,000, this would also mean this is were the most people in the community need help. A well balanced company focused on servicing the most people in the community would most likely have an average sales price in this range. This would mean that the agents working for the company are more focused on servicing the clients then chasing only after the larger priced homes with a potentially larger commission check when the home sells. If an agent or company are doing double or more the number of units in the same amount of time as their competitors, would you think they are better equipped to deal with issues that come up? Would they understand the process better than their competition that may take 2 or more years to do the same number of units? If we know that mastery of anything requires repetition, do you trust your largest asset to somebody that is doing it very often or somebody that does it less often or maybe even as a hobby?

Clark County Total Units Sold

Market Share by Total Units Sold

As a visual this chart typically shows that over 50% of the clients in Clark County are working with one of the top 10 companies. The market share drops off drastically after the top 10 and is split among the remaining companies with many registering under 1% market share.

Clark County Market Share by Total Units Sold


Listing Units Sold

Listings are the side of the transaction where we helped the seller. Typically this process includes, educating on the current market conditions, understanding the trends, identifying the relevant homes to the one being sold to help establish a price range (Sold, Pending, Active), staging advice, professional photos and slideshow or video, marketing remarks, accurate house details, exposure to the market, negotiation of the offer, negotiation of repairs if needed, communications with the co-op agent, title, lender and client throughout the process.

Clark County Listing Units Sold


Market Share by Listing Units Sold

Being the listing agent on a transaction holds a huge responsibility to help the home owner select a price in the correct range that will help the home sell. Being a local expert and understanding the demands of the buyers as it pertains to location, condition and price are vital to helping a seller get the most amount of money in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle.

Clark County Market Share by Listing Units Sold


Listing Volume Sold

When you take a stance of training your agents that being tied to the outcome (getting paid) is not an option but rather to be tied to doing what is right for the client and to help them achieve their goals you will find that you will naturally work with a much broader price range of home owners. People matter not the amount of money you can make off of them.

Clark County Listing Volume Sold


Market Share by Listing Volume Sold

It is incredible the trust our clients have displayed by running Millions of dollars of volume through our agents and company.

Clark County Market Share by Listing Volume Sold


Buyer Units Sold

It can be a scary process no matter what price point you are buying a home at, to purchase such a large ticket item that will effect your every day life. Does it have everything you need and most of the things you want? Will it make me happy is the question on every buyers mind? Meeting with a client and taking them through an in depth process to filter down to the ideal home that will meet the daily needs is the first step in the process. Then on to connecting them to your professional service providers such as lenders, inspectors, contractors, credit repair, and financial education. Having a clear understanding of the buyers dreams and wants helps the agent to earn the right to help nudge or push and consult  and coach when they know the buyer is hesitant, because they have already done the work to establish what the client needs and wants in advance.

Clark County Buyer Units Sold


Market Share by Buyer Units Sold

Today's market has low inventory and demand is on the rise for many of the price points in our market. As a buyer, it is vital to find an agent to partner with that has a pulse on the market, a clear understanding of the urgency needed to win the deal, and a strong communication and negotiation mindset.

Clark County Market Share by Buyer Units Sold


Buyer Volume Sold

Just like with listing volume, the desire to help buyers at all price points is vital to impacting our community. The average net worth of a home owner is 10 times more than the average net worth of a renter.

Clark County Buyer Volume Sold


Market Share by Buyer Volume Sold

Buying a home is a huge financial decision and we are so honored that so many home buyers trust us to help them when making this life changing decision.

Clark County Market Share by Buyer Volume Sold